What you need to know about the different types of template

Template is the outlook of any website which needs to be attractive, efficient and workable. There are several kinds of templates which web Design Company Dubai use in websites. These companies will provide their services to people from the scratch. You will just have to tell them about your requirements and pay them; rest of the work will be done by them. They will do everything from website design UAE to designing the template and getting the hosting. Some companies will provide only designing and you have to get the hosting by yourself and others will provide you complete package. Whether you are hiring a company to build a website for you or you are building it by yourself, you need to choose a template for your website out of two types which are as follows: 

Static templates: These are the easy to make and maintain website in which you can get features of HTML along with the Java Script to enhance its features. In these templates when you publish your website then you will not have to worry about its maintenance and downloading new updates because they are not required. When you have a low budget then you can go for static templates because they do not use heavy PHP and MySQL, so they can be easily run by a server of lower capacity with less hosting management. They are not very expensive due to their static feature but you should not make so many changes in them because in this way you will have to pay some extra amount.

WordPress template: In these templates they have the combination of PHP and MySQL. These are built in with the template so you do not have to worry about. There are a lot of things and feature provided by these templates and you can experiment them easily. They are easy to use that a person who does not know about these technical languages can easily run a website because in WordPress websites you do not need to have the knowledge of these computer languages. These are very easy to update and when the final website is ready then it will look very professional and eye-catching. These two features re important in every website so it is better to choose templates of WordPress instead of static template which are not eye-catching.