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Leave a good impression

Physiotherapy clinics in Abu Dhabi face stiff competition and try to outperform each other. A clinic that aims to expand its business can do so by practicing cleanliness within the premises. A  physiatrist in Abu Dhabi who realizes the value of good hygiene to be practiced during therapy sessions would be able to attract patients as well as retain existing clients. 

Keeping the clinic clean: The clinic should expect patients of different backgrounds to pay them a visit. Some of the patients can be sensitive towards the spread of diseases which is why there is a need to keep the furniture and devices of the clinic clean by disinfecting them. By the end of a session with the client, the medicine ball and yoga mat used would be full of sweat and other forms of bacteria. Before working with the next client, the physiatrist should make sure that either he or she cleans the equipments. If the physiatrist does not have enough time to clean the equipments then perhaps the clinic should hire a team of cleaners. Face support of the treatment table is commonly used during physiotherapy sessions and needs to be constantly cleaned, the clinic should have a number of treatment tables so that clients do not have wait for too long. 

Give clients some space: When it comes to constructing the clinic in the first place, attention should be given to the clinic being spacious enough for clients and their physiatrists. Clinics should avoid building cabinet sized rooms for physiotherapy sessions since it could cause problems for patients/clients who are claustrophobic. Most importantly the clinic should ensure that there is cross ventilation in the premises which can be done by having sufficient number of windows and also the vents need to be free of dirt. It depends on the geographical size of the clinic for getting the vents cleaned. 

Contribution of cleanliness: Clean clinics would keep clients continuing to work with their physiatrists. Cleanliness is one of the most under looked aspects of clinics. Most clinics do not realize that by keeping their premises clean, they would be improving their reputation on a macro scale. Leaving a good impression on the patient’s first visit would circulate the services of the clinic in Abu Dhabi as well as other states in the United Arab Emirates(UAE).