Things to know about hand sanitizers

With the outbreak of the pandemic, we see that everyone is aiming for hand sanitizers because they are known for killing most of the germs which makes them in the high demand. But before you start going crazy over buying Purell in Dubai, look at the following things and keep them in mind for better understanding:

  • The role of alcohol in sanitizer

The reason that there is so much emphasis on alcohol based sanitizer is because alcohol is an extremely effective ingredient in killing microbes and viruses. When you use a hand sanitizer you go through a denaturation process which refers to the process of killing the virus and germs through unfolding and inactivating the proteins which are found in it.

  • 100% alcohol based sanitizer is not effective

For starters, pure form of alcohol would not have enough efficiency to stay in the air for longer as it would vaporize almost immediately that it would be completely ineffective in killing or staying long enough on your skin. This is the reason that alcohol needs to be mixed with small amounts of water and other ingredients to make sure its effectiveness.

  • Home sanitizers are not effective

You may take sanitizer making as one of the fun projects and DIY making along with your kids but do not use them or take them seriously because the ingredients found at your home are not as effective in killing germs and microbes as the sanitizer should. If you don’t have one, aim for soap and water instead and stay safe from COVID-19.

  • Hand sanitizers do expire

If you think that the fermentation process in alcohol will make the sanitizer effective overtime then you could be wrong because whenever they are manufactured they do come with an expiry date. Alcohol will slowly evaporate overtime and the only ingredients left in sanitizer won’t be effective anymore. So you better use them when in need instead of saving for a more serious emergency.

There are so many other facts about hand sanitizer which you must know but most important of them all would be to use it in times of need and knowing when to aim for the soap and water instead. Other than that, use protective gear and stay safe in your homes.

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