FAQs About Toyota

Toyota is a leading brand when it comes to selling cars and inventing new and better technology. But there are many of us who have a lot of questions about the company and that is why we have summed up frequently asked questions and did a good amount of research just to make sure that you have all the answers to your questions. People think that Toyota only ships its cars from Japan but the fact is that it has also kept its stocks in different places worldwide. In Japan only, you will find the stock in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo and if you ask them that where you can find stock internationally, you will be able to find the stock in New York and London.

There are many companies who don’t have a security code but Toyota is a company which has a global security code. And that is why people ask for security code and the security ticker symbol is 7203. There are different ticker numbers and security codes for stock exchanges and for international stock exchange the symbol for New York Stock Exchange is TM and the stock exchange symbol for London Stock Exchange is a code; TYT. People also ask different questions that are related to history of Toyota and people often ask that when were Toyota shares first listed on Tokyo shares exchange? And the answer of this question is that the first Toyota shares were first listed on the First Section of the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka stock exchanges in 1949. If you are a car lover yourself, then you get can Toyota cars export in Dubai and you will also find many types of car export companies in Dubai.

Same question people ask for international stock exchange and the answer is that Toyota first international shares were first listed on New York and London stock exchanges in September 1999. There are many students of business who like to do a complete study on Toyota financial department and there are many students who ask that what is the Toyota’s fiscal year and the answer to that question is March 31. If you want to see a PDF file of the annual and quarterly reports they are available on their website and they are free to get and they can be accessed very easily as well.